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Or, continue reading to learn some tips on Snapchat sexting.

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9 Tips to Snapchat Sexting

We are all aware of one of the most popular social media platforms of all time: Snapchat. Because of the mischievous nature of Snapchat, it makes it quite a perfect place to send Snapchat nudes and Snapchat porn with users. Snapchat sexting has been going on for quite some time now and it’s a very popular way that people like to fulfill their sexual desires. If you’re not on SnapSexter, you should signup for free to our snapsex app now!

So you want tips on Snapchat sexting? Maybe you haven’t done it before and you’re curious about how. Or maybe you have but you want to know how to get better at sending Snapchat nudes? Whatever it may be, there are always a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to Snapchat sexting with others. Not only do you want this to be a sexy conversation, but you want to make sure both of you are having some fun! So we’re going to go over 10 tips to Snapchat sexting and hopefully you’ll find these quite useful!

  1. Choose Who You Want To Snapchat Sext With Strategically

    Choose your Snapchat sexting partner wisely. It should definitely be someone you’ve talked to before and if it’s not, you should make sure it’s someone you will want to sext with. Build up a conversation and don’t just go right into it either. The build up to the sexting is one of the most important parts and if you guys don’t have any chemistry, then it doesn’t make all that much sense to sext each other.

  2. Be interesting!

    It’s quite obvious that nobody likes to talk to someone boring, so of course Snapchat girls wouldn’t like it if someone were being boring while sexting. Some ways to be interesting is to tell them what you would like to do to them and ask questions about what sexy and naughty things they want to do are. It’s important for both of you to be very engaged for a successful and sexy sexting session that could lead to some Snapchat sex.

  3. Don’t Send Snapchat Nudes Out Of The Blue…Ever!

    You never know where the person you are about to sext is, so it’s best to come to mutual terms on the fact rather than just sending a random nude Snapchat without any warning. For goodness sake's, this person could be with their family or a child could be looking at their phone screen. Like we said, you never know.

  4. Keep The Snapchat Porn You Receive To Yourself!

    This is something you should always follow. Whoever sent you the Snapchat nude or porn is probably putting a lot of trust into you. Unless they give you permission (which they will most likely not), then you should never show anyone their nudes. Not only is this very inconsiderate, it’s extremely disrespectful. Think about it - how would you feel if someone was showing the Snapchat nudes you sent her to their friends without you knowing? Not cool, right?

  5. Don’t get TOO personal

    Of course you guys are already getting pretty personal if you are both agreeing to sexting but it’s also important to not give away too much information about yourself if you don’t know this person in real life. Things like your address, phone number, school name and more should be kept private to ensure your own safety.

  6. Be sneaky

    Because you are already being naughty by Snapchat sexting, you also probably want to make sure you don’t get caught. Nobody wants to get caught sexting or taking nude snapchats of themselves, ever! So take your pictures in private places and also make sure nobody is looking at your screen over your shoulder. It would be pretty weird if someone caught you Snapchat sexting…

  7. Hide your Snapchat nudes

    Especially if you forget about your phone sometimes, you’ll want to hide your tracks. You wouldn’t want some nosy person going through your phone and reading through your personal conversations. This is definitely something you want to do if you have a significant other and the person you were sexting with is NOT them.

  8. Double Check Your Snaps And Texts Before You Send Them

    Even though it’s not really a big deal, one small spelling mistake can break the mood pretty easily. It’s also pretty easy to get a bit TOO wild when you’re Snapchat sexting. You should read what you type and make sure it’s not too out there and not uncomfortable for whoever you are sexting. You don’t want to ruin the mood before you get some Snapchat nudes.

  9. Have fun!

    This is pretty obvious. If you’re not having fun, then Snapchat sexting is probably not your thing. Snapchat sex is supposed to be fun and confidence boosting. Don’t be afraid to get a little silly and light-hearted. Have a good time and they will too!

So those are some awesome tips to sexting on Snapchat. The key is to use SnapSexter to satisfy your needs. Not only is it a perfect way to hide your tracks with ease, but it’s fast paced and way easier to use than your normal old texting platform. Taking pictures, videos as well as sending them can be done all in one place for the ultimate convenience. Getting Snapchat sex is a ton of fun and Snapchat sexting on SnapSexter is even more exciting so we hope you have a great time!


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