snapchat sexting

Tips to Snapchat Sexting & Snapchat Nudes

Thousands upon thousands will send a revealing or nude Snapchat to someone this week. There’s no doubt about it. Unsolicited dick pics are still unwelcome (keep that in mind, guys!). But sexting is more mainstream now. It seems that everyone knows someone who does it, or they have done it themselves. That is why hundreds are signing up to use our Snapchat nudes app everyday!

The only thing you need is a smartphone and someone to send it to. Some turn to social network platforms. Snapchat is a popular choice. You can choose how long your sexy and risky snaps will last. It seems safer and more fun. But whatever your preferences are, there are some do’s and don’ts you need to know about using a Snapchat sexting app. Follow these to get your sexting game strong. And keep your private nude Snapchats, private.

DON'T : Send 10-Second Snapchat Nudes
DO : Send 2-5 Second Snapchat Nudes

Sometimes, it’s appropriate to let your followers see a 10-second video of you. But a seductive picture of you? Some say that less is more. It applies here. Don’t let the receiver see too much. 3-5 seconds is enough for them to get a glimpse of the nude Snapchat.

The thing to scoring Snapchat sex is to make them want more. Get their attention and be close, yet far away. Make them want to meet up and get the real deal. So for naked Snapchats, three to five seconds is the perfect time. It also lessens the chance of them getting a screenshot of your picture.

DON'T : Spame them with Snaps
DO : 1 to 1 Send/Receive Ratio

Maybe someone caught your attention, and you fell hard. All you can think about is how they’ll feel under you. But you better get a hold of yourself before you scare them away! Sure, you’re thirsty for a piece of that. But you don’t have to be so obvious with your thirst. A flood of Snapchat nudes into their inbox can be a serious turn-off.

Just like the last point, don’t show everything all at once. Go with a 1:1 ratio. Send a naked Snapchat for each one they send you. You can spam your friends with whatever and however many snaps you want. But trying to get Snapchat sex is different. Sexting is a game where one side needs to be in power. If you maintain this ratio, then you’re the one in control over the situation. This ups your chances of getting what you want.

DON'T : Send nude Snapchats immediately
DO : Tease them before sending nude Snapchats

Don’t pull out your king card and send a full nude Snapchats right off the bat. That’s like going into it without foreplay. If you haven’t realized, the main point we’re pushing is giving the other a small taste. There’s nothing worse than coming off as a desperate person looking for quick Snapchat sex.

Entice them, tease them, and unleash your flirty skills. Be playful and suggestive and increase the sexiness bit by bit. You can wear less and show more skin with each new snap as your Snapchat sexting progresses.

These small doses will keep their interest and desire. It’s more exciting too since they never know what you’ll show them next. Make sure they earned it by reciprocating and making you feel good too.

DON'T : Send a mass snap to multiple people
DO : Different receiver, different snap

If you’re going after a few different dirty Snapchat girls, it’s smart to use different bait for each. Everyone has different tastes. One snapsex might be a total turn on for someone, but another one might need a different caption.

It’s also possible that your potential Snapchat girls know each other. If they find out that they’re sexting the person or that you just send the same pictures to everyone, well . . . That won’t look too hot for you. A lot of people will fall in love with a selfie that they take. They’ll use it for everything—their Facebook profile picture, their Twitter icon, post it onto their Instagram, etc. But remember that sexting is a game you’re playing to win. You can’t slack off and expect to succeed

DON'T : Send Videos
DO : Send Photos

Okay, so you see a video on Tumblr of a girl changing. Everyone seems to be drooling and masturbating to this video. But Snapchat porn and snapsex are very different. Just as you shouldn’t send full nudes at the get go or spam the person with sexy selfies, a video is a bit too much as well. Make sure to check out the top nude snapchat accounts for great examples.

Keep it simple. Videos are complicated to film. Spend your efforts on taking A+ nude snapchats and coming up with effective captions. Videos are awkward if done wrong and take too long. While having suspense is encouraged, keeping the other waiting because you need to redo a video is unnecessary. Video sexts definitely defeat the purpose too.

Bear in mind that your ultimate goal is to get snapsex. You can film a video when you finally meet up with the person.

Snapchat Sexting shouldn’t be a stressful and complicated thing. There are just some do’s and don’ts that you can take note of to make things go smoothly. In the end, you just need to find someone to sleep with. Some people just enjoy the process of playing the game too.